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Bring your appetiteEdit

Pork buns make people happy. Try one -- or better yet, a bunch of them -- and join the fun!

What to tryEdit

Pork buns, or cha shu bao, are delicious creations. At their center is roasted pork, at the center of either steamed rice dough or baked wheat dough.

They vary a bit from region to region in North America; there are also versions in Japan ("chashu manju") and around Asia.

Where to get themEdit

San FranciscoEdit

Pork buns are a standard offering at most Chinese bakeries. Here's where great ones have been spotted:


How to make themEdit

What's your favorite?Edit

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How can I learn more?Edit

Chinese Pod is a great way to learn Mandarin Chinese, and this episode is focused on baked treats:

Check out the pork buns on Pinterest !

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